Music Video: Scientists Of Sound’s ‘In It DEEP’ Reminds Us That The Apocalypse Is Here

Scientists of Sound continue to tease us with the release of their latest single, ‘In It DEEP,’ ahead of their massive post-apocalyptic double-vinyl The Beginning (of the Beginning of the End). We just hope we get to hear the whole thing before the world ends.

Four years is a long time to wait between albums, but for Scientists of Sound, it’s given time for the pressure to build. In hindsight, 2014 looks like a walk in the park. Serious contemplation of an apocalyptic event was the stuff of movies, or it was something you’d only joke about. Now, with the very plausible threat of nuclear destruction made all the more conceivable by the America’s Child-in-Chief, fallout shelters are on their way to becoming a hot ticket item.

That is if we don’t manage to slowly choke ourselves out with our penchant for excess.

The video for Scientist of Sound‘s ‘In Too Deep’ shows our unwavering addiction to a lifestyle and culture of more. It’s a commentary on our drive to find a way to make it cheaper, easier and more environmentally friendly, but never less. It’s the blind hope that industry will find a way to save us all if we just keep pushing. Also, might we just get your credit card number for that if you don’t mind?

“The track sits early in the album and starts to hint at a societal unrest that builds and builds throughout the record until it ultimately explodes. It is a commentary on consumption and greed—something most of us are guilty of participating in at some point—but it seems that this path, if we continue to go down it, can only lead to one place,” says Sound Scientist Craig Mercer.

While there still aren’t any official dates available on the album, we pray that it’s worth its carbon footprint.

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