Jont Old Traveller

Music Video: Jont Creates Touching Video With His Father For ‘Old Traveller’

Jont & The Infinite Possibility already have a reputation for tugging at our heartstrings. They’ve embodied the image of the travelling band, moving from town to town like a small circus. They specialize in small venues and big connections. With the release of their new video for their song ‘Old Traveller’ from their latest album, An Old Innocence, Jont has given us a glimpse into one of the first and most important connections he’s ever made. Jont parallels his life and experience with those of his father in what is probably his most touching video yet.

“This could be my most emotional video yet. Featuring my dad, it certainly feels like it still, every time I play it,” posted Jont to his facebook page.

“[It’s] very special,” Jont tells us in more detail as we interview him from back in the UK, where he’s returned due to his father’s current failing state of health. It’s a situation that has made the video all the more painfully poignant.

“This was shot a year and a half ago in the garden of my family home. We weren’t even planning on dad being in it but then came up with the idea as we went. Dave [Depares] took all this old family footage of dad’s life and cut it in with old footage he had from when he and I (Dave the director and I) went across the US and the UK putting on Unlits in people’s houses. So it was like both of our lives playing out on the camera. Father and son, generations melding in, but also the generations looking at each other.”

The video stands as a monument to the people that come before us, the relationship we have with them and that connection  we carry into the future. It’s a reminder that, regardless of who we are, we are inevitably standing on the shoulders of giants.