Nap Eyes

Music Video: Searching For Meaning In Nap Eyes’ ‘Every Time The Feeling’

Remember Nap Eyes? The Halifax band who dreamily won us over with their deadpan delivery of oblique metaphorical symbolism. The band whose Thought Rock Fish Scale ended up being one of our favourite albums of 2016 for reasons we’re still unable to define? They’re returning with their third album, I’m Bad Now, and have announced the release with a lyrics video for their song ‘Every Time The Feeling’.

While we cannot condone lyric videos, not even ones with a sort of illuminated manuscript flair, there’s always an urge to dig into Nap Eyes for some deeper meaning. There’s some inescapable hope that we’ll discover a profound wisdom that Nap Eyes‘ philosophical lyricist Nigel Chapman has dropped in there just beyond our grasp, made all the more valuable for its elusiveness.

Then Chapman sings to us, “Oh, I can’t tell what’s worse: the meaninglessness or the negative meaning.”

Bamboozled again! He has left us in the darkness of his bottomless pit, and with an even worse feeling that we have somehow deserved it. We’ve been lured into this void and forced to fend for ourselves; a three-minute long metaphor of our aimless existence.

Chapman manages to lord it over us in his habitual nonchalance, “But I figured out a way, to get on with my life and to keep on dreaming.”

Who hurt you, Chapman? Why aren’t there any answers? Just a profound sense of ennui as though we’re simply meant to toil away until we’ve shuffled off this mortal coil. He may have found a way to make peace with it, and bully for him, but we’re left holding the bag trying to solve all of life’s mysteries.

Whose deer are these anyway?

Nap Eyes’ album, I’m Bad Now. is out  March 9 via Paradise Of Bachelors.