Stabbing Joy

Single: Stabbing Joy Close Out The Year With ‘Adoration’

Just four months after the release of their debut album Loved It More Than You Could Ever Know, Charlottetown band Stabbing Joy have released a brand new single. And luckily, the track, titled ‘Adoration,’ is just as catchy as the rest of their music.

If you liked Loved It More Than You Could Ever Know—which, if you haven’t listened to yet, we suggest you do—you’ll surely like ‘Adoration.’ It keeps Stabbing Joy’s original sound and maintains the emotive feel they are becoming known for. And following along with the rest of their songs, ‘Adoration’ also carries a catchy chorus and distorted melodies. The band never fails to evoke in the listener the emotions they put into their music.

The song, which was recorded in Montreal this past November during a tour, deals with, we think, the feeling of having adoration for someone who is trouble (and troubled). The lyrics seem to describe a person using details that only someone who really cares might notice. But, while the topic isn’t necessarily a particularly happy one, the words don’t feel like they come from a place of deep resentment, but more so from a place of understanding and acceptance.

The track itself is a slow-paced groove, packing a good amount of emotional energy. It’s fuzzy and droning and at times quite heavy, but layered with a clear, sharp and catchy guitar melody. The band have a way of layering catchy music with catchy lyrics, creating highly memorable music. But it’s not catchy in the annoying ‘can’t get it out of my head’ sense. It’s catchy in a pleasant, inviting sense and keeps you coming back for more.

The vocals aren’t polished. They’re yelled and sometimes distorted, but they are raw and expressive.

While they fit nicely into the alternative/indie rock genre along with the likes of Brand New and Citizen, but their songs sound all their own. And while not totally happy-go-lucky, their music has a more uplifting feel than you would expect from the genre.