Braden Lam

Music Video: Braden Lam Visits Some Of His Favourite Halifax Sights In ‘Into The Light’

Braden Lam revisits ‘Into The Light’  with a new video for the first single from his latest EP. The video, much like the EP, focuses on celebrating Lam’s relocation to Halifax, and takes in a few of the local sights.

“I wanted this video to highlight my relocation to Halifax, and really highlight one of my favourite parts about Halifax,” says Lam.

Without having ever been to Halifax before, or having lived on his own, Lam came to Halifax a year ago for university. The challenges of relocation and finding an appreciation for his new home became the subject of his latest EP. Lam says he’s had no regrets.

“I really love the size of Halifax and how it’s all in one place. You can get anywhere on foot. On top of that, you can take a bus or drive fifteen minutes out of the city in any direction and everything just drops away to gorgeous lakes, wilderness areas and empty coastline. So I wanted the video to capture that balance of city and the outdoors I’ve come to really appreciate here.”

The video for ‘Into The Light’ was shot in downtown Halifax, and on the nearby rocky shores of the High Head Trail in Prospect, Nova Scotia. Filmed by Spacewave Media, Lam keenly expressed his excitement and gratitude for bringing his vision to life on the debut music video, which was made all the more challenging by trekking off to the coastline with their whole (drum) kit and caboodle.

“My band mates, Rhyl Frith on fiddle and Aaron Hillier on drums, and I hiked in all of the gear for a solid 2 km, rushing against the sunset to get the shots.”

Lam says he’s looking forward to sharing more new music with a fresh new EP expected to be released early 2018.