Wicked Vices

Single: Wicked Vices’ Hard Rocking ‘Irish Goodbye’

It’s that time of year again; families are busily trying to get ready for the holidays, Christmas music is playing everywhere you go, and that Atlantic Canadian winter weather had started to work its way in. Most would say that the warmth and love felt over the holiday season is enough to make it the most joyous season of the year, but not Fredericton’s Wicked Vices. With the release of their newest single ‘Irish Goodbye,’ they show that no holiday season is complete without some hard rock with post-industrial undertones to really get those ears ringing with holiday cheer.

‘Irish Goodbye’ is 4:41 of dark and grungy guitar riffs and contrasting (but very complimenting) female vocals. Although most of the lyrics deal with your typical Christmas themes like drugs and alcohol, there’s a sense of anticipation throughout the song to see what is around the corner with the next verse. As the song progresses it gets a little dirtier, louder, and faster until it explodes and fades into nothingness. If you were hoping for at least a catchy chorus to include in your holiday carolling, you’re out of luck.

The song may not have a chorus for everyone to sing along to, but the lyrical structure of the four verses stringed together by the dirty riffs in each bridge couldn’t be a better match for the genre. ‘Irish Goodbye’ may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it offers solid guitar riffs and the presence of a female lead that hard rock lacks all too often.

Based out of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Wicked Vices consists of Kristen Vautour (vocals), Chris Hawkins (guitar), Ryan Barrie (drums), and Geoff MacDonald (Bass). Check out their bandcamp page along with previous releases by the band including ‘Avalanche’, ‘Skinny Boy’, and ‘Microchip’.