Christmas For Audiophiles

East Coast Christmas Gift Guide 2017: For Audiophiles

We love music. All kinds of it. And if it comes on vinyl then it’s all the better. These are, naturally, our favourite east coast gift ideas this year: all fine examples of local music.  Some of these albums aren’t just our favourite local music, but our favourite music anywhere.

Live @ The Five

(Saint John, New Brunswick)

Five and Dime
Five and Dime

Saint John’s uptown music scene has really exploded in the last year. A huge part of that has been Five and Dime, Saint John’s newest venue. Even better, they’ve made a live compilation album of some of the best bands that have come through over the past year and put it all on vinyl!


The Hypochondriacs in 3/4

(Fredericton, New Brunswick)

Probably  the most anticipated album of the year from New Brunswick, The Hypochondriacs in 3/4  stands out as it encapsulates both The Hypochondriacs’ rise to fame and the 2017 festival season. This is practically required listening for serious vinyl collectors. Available at Back Street Records, Second Spin, and Atlantic Sunrise Records.


You’ve Changed LP Package

Consider this your Sappy Fest starter pack. You’ve Changed Records has put together an amazing Christmas deal in which you can pick up this 4-set of vinyl for $40 plus shipping. The package includes Richard Laviolette’s  Taking The Long Way Home, Jon Mckiel’s Memorial Ten Count, Daniel Romano’s Modern Pressure, and Partner’s massive new album In Search Of Lost TimeThese are some of our favourite albums this year, being sold for a price that we have a trouble comprehending.


 The Capital Double Vinyl

The Capital Project is Tim Rayne’s ever expanding documentary about the live music scene in Fredericton/New Brunswick/The Maritimes/possibly the world–we’ll have to see what it looks like when he’s finished. It is beautiful and complete in its scope and scale, and we’re very excited to see the final product. In the meantime, in support of their work, they’ve launched an indiegogo campaign that includes a double album vinyl soundtrack. (There are other reward perks, too, but this is the one we are really excited about).


The East Quarterly

Here’s a gift idea we’re understandably very excited about–something we’ve been keeping under our collective hats for a while.

This winter we’ll officially be launching The East Quarterly through our Patreon. Once a season, a curated cd will be mailed right to your door featuring our favourite tracks from east coast bands and up-and-comers. Not only will you be supporting what we do at The East, but you’ll also be supporting the local bands and artists featured on each compilation! (Also comes with digital download option).