Christmas For Art Lovers

East Coast Christmas Gift Guide 2017: For Art Lovers

Alright, we know that the frames at Winners come preloaded with artwork in them. Whatever you do, don’t buy those. Not even for the frame. Instead, buy something weird, funky, and most importantly, locally produced art. Get something a little more unique, like some of these fine examples.

Pamela Marie Pierce

Pamela Marie Pierce Stone And Snow
Pamela Marie Pierce ‘Stone And Snow’

Pamela Marie Pierce is  one of our favourite Saint John artists. She has a way of capturing the city’s architecture in a quaint, almost intimate way. She’s currently selling a series of small pieces featuring buildings from around uptown. Each painting is 4×4 inches in size, has been mounted to a ready-to-hang gallery panel and is archival-quality mixed media (watercolour, pencil and ink on cotton paper, birch panel, and treated with a gloss finish). Each tiny painting in this collection is priced at only $80 – $90. Her pieces are available on her online store and in Uptown Saint John at TUCK.

Ms. Pierce is also selling gift cards and taking commissions for Christmas, but the deadline is Dec 19th.


Jon Claytor ‘Take My Breath Away’

‘I Wanna Dance With Someone by Whiney Houston’ by Jon Claytor

Jon Claytor’s ‘Take My Breath Away’ isn’t just a piece of art, it’s a whole book containing several pieces of art, sometimes curiously captioned with 80’s love ballads and occasionally featuring self-portraits of the artist wearing a bear suit. The Sackville-based artist fills the 150 page book with watercolours and stories. You might even recognize some of his subject matter.


Marie Fox

Marie Fox Christmas

Marie Fox is one of Fredericton’s most easily identifiable artists. You can spot her artwork as the otherworldly iconography. Her portraiture captures more than just the likeness of her subject matter, but seemingly captures their souls to illuminate them as well. They stare back at you with haunting beauty. Feel like haunting your family members while still being around to enjoy it? Fox is currently accepting commissions for portraits and sketches all this week.


Jill Higgins

Architect and artist Jill Higgins recently became the New Brunswick art battle champion and one of the top six finalists at the National Art Battle in Ottawa. Her artwork is like the colourful east coast cousin to the group of seven. If you’ve got the walls, and the means, pick up one of her pieces at Handworks in Saint John.


Geordan Moore

You’ll recognize Geordan Moore’s artwork. It’s appeared in posters, album covers, and even cider cans. His style immediately stands out. Some of it is serious; much of it, less so. All of it is beautiful and entrancing. We recommend buying his Seabeast series as a set.