Music Video: Construction & Destruction Travel Through Berlin In ‘Running Glass’

Colleen Collins and Dave Trenaman of Construction & Destruction recently unleashed their newest music video ‘Running Glass’ from their album Noli Timere. The video was filmed in Berlin by videographer Rice Master Yen (Helga & Gabi) while the couple was on tour in Europe with The Burning Hell.

Yen Helga captured scenes that allowed the pair to have freedom of movement in artful and meaningful ways. As new visitors to the city of Berlin, the duo met him at the train station and spent the day wandering the city, shooting outdoors in interesting places and near the water.

“Yen understands slow motion”, said Colleen. From branches landing into small puddles of water, to drifting sea gulls and maple leaves, slow motion and stillness were created in the park, on river boats, and near structures where past embassies once stood. Scenes in the video are calming and thought provoking, creating imagery of the familiar and unfamiliar.

Construction & Destruction sum up ‘Running Glass’ as “A metaphor for the fragility of life and of the little things.”

“Glass itself is easier to break when it is old, and when we look out of it, it appears to run, much like the experience of looking into a funhouse mirror.”

They describe the style as languid and slow moving, like liquid. The haunting sustained organ and hazy background vocals zone us into lively imagery about modern-day life and death. The track deconstructs everyday ideas and concepts to bring wonder to their existence.

The ending takes place in a tree house that was constructed by at-risk youth near two park structures. Colleen explains, they are “being observed as part of what is being observed. It is about having the gaze on yourself as well as others.”

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