Braden Lam

Single: Braden Lam Debuts First Single From Upcoming EP ‘Into The Light’

Braden Lam may not be from the east coast, but the experience of leaving home and moving here inspired the displaced nineteen-year old to record his debut EP, The Coast. A year and a half later, he’s released Into The Light’, the first follow-up single.

Originally from small town Uxbridge, Ontario, Lam moved to Halifax in September of 2016. His debut EP, ‘The Coast’, is about just that.

“[It’s] a sort of farewell album to my hometown, about me leaving for the east coast. Fast forward a year and a half of getting used to a new city, getting my name out in the music scene here, and writing lots of new material, all while studying at Dalhousie University.”

Recorded after a summer of being tucked away in a small mountain town in Western Canada, Braden began roughing out parts of ‘Into The Light’ in his attic apartment in British Columbia, and recording at the legendary Chalet Studios in Toronto (Rush, Barenaked Ladies, Great Lake Swimmers), and Codapop Studios in Halifax.

“The song resonates with the time and collaboration put into it, including many local musicians, friends and producer Jason Mingo,” says Lam.

Lam is currently recording a new EP, which will include this track, expected to be released in the new year. Lam says this song is about looking at the bright side of things and “coming to light” instead of being negative, learning from your mistakes.

“I wrote this song last year after moving to Halifax, living on my own for the first time. I knew absolutely no one and had never even visited Halifax before. I definitely have no regrets about making the move, and definitely came to find many positive things come out of this uncomfortable season in my life, where everything was new to me.”

“I think looking on the bright side of things can really set you free. Combining this idea with memories of a past relationship as well gave the song its form. So overall, some things to highlight would be that this is my first release on the east coast, with more to come in the new year.”