Hemmings House Celebrates 10 Years With Port City Impact Film Festival

Hemmings House is celebrating their tenth year, and the Saint John-based film production company are looking to celebrate exactly as you might expect: with a film screening.  They’re partnering with Saint John’s Social Enterprise Hub, who are also celebrating their first birthday, to screen twenty-nine films from around the province.

“We are friends with the Hub. Over a beer we said ‘Hey, we should celebrate together!'” said Greg Hemmings, Hemmings House founder, CEO and spiritual guide.

“So we decided to put on a big event at the Social Enterprise Hub in Waterloo Village, get a bunch of uptownies over to that emerging side of town. We are going to have an impact market, live music, food, drink and… FILMS!”

Hemmings House isn’t just any sort of film production company, though. As subscribers of the B-Corp ideology, they believe in benefitting people as their bottom line. It’s a theme woven through all of their work. From Save The Paramount, the story behind the effort to save a local theatre, to Millennial Dream, their documentary on the altruistic career goals of Millennials, their films all have a focus on benefitting the community.

“I wanted to feature a bunch of films Hemmings House has produced that have had direct positive impact in our community (Paramount, Millennial Dream, City on Fire, etc.) But then I thought, ‘Dang, we have a bunch of filmmakers and directors in the city or from the city who are doing awesome things, some with Hemmings House, some not with Hemmings House. Why not feature them as well?'”

Many have a Saint John impact, others regional. Some are personal impact. But they are films made to create a better world, country, region, city , community, person.”

The event will present the thirty different films, or three screens, on three floors of the Social Hub building. Films will include Hemmings House’s City On Fire and The Millennial Dream, as well as Homeless by Sam Blue, Jeff McLennan and Cara Cole; Surviving The Fundy Footpath and  Kokota by Craig Norris; and many more.

“We have short films, feature films, doc films, scripted films, social impact films, wellness films, entrepreneurship films and music films,” said Hemmings.

The event will be taking place Friday, December 1st, 2017 from 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. at 139 Prince Edward Street, Saint John, New Brunswick (it’s free).

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