Living Roots (Dillon Anthony/The East)

New Brunswick Musicians Rally To Support Living Roots Fundraiser

Fredericton-based festival Living Roots has spent the last three years promoting local bands, often putting on shows at Grimross Brewing Co. and, of course, throwing their annual festival in late May. Nobody ever said making a living from music was easy, though, and now musicians from around Fredericton and across the province are turning out to support the festival with a fundraiser.

Living Roots started with the intention of staying small, promoting less-than-obvious venues, and putting the spotlight on fledgling bands that might not be ready to pack a big room. They’ve done this by creating an intimate atmosphere, bringing in some great acts to pair with local bands and putting in a lot of hard work and organization.

Eddie Young, who runs Living Roots, says that the fundraiser is necessary to support and grow the festival. Each year it’s put on without municipal/provincial/federal funding. It has thus far been paid for out of ticket sales and a few small local sponsors. He hopes that a successful fundraiser will allow him to produce a larger festival and bring in some known acts.

So far there are a number of acts signed on for the event: Stephen Lewis, Crossroad Devils, Art of the Possible, Kendra Gale Band, Keegan Dobbelsteyn Band, Kylie Fox, Jon Soderman and Sparrow.

“The acts playing believe in what I am trying to do and are anxious to help out, so I am able to pay the bands at the festival,” says Young.

Musicians see the fundraiser as a way to contribute their time now, to see a gain in interest and infrastructure later.

“Eddie is the man, he’s doing so much for so many!” says Stephen Lewis who will be performing at the fundraising event.

“He’s providing local and touring musicians an opportunity to share their material in front of a very receptive audience. He’s really built living roots into an amazing festival but also a supportive brand! I’m super stoked to call Eddie a good friend and I’m excited to raise some funds (and funk) for living roots!”

The Living Roots fundraiser and silent auction will be taking place from 6:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. on December 29th, 2017 at Grimross Brewing Co. in Fredericton. Admission is $10, but donations are welcome.

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