Liam Corcoran

Premiere: Former Two Hours Traffic Frontman Liam Corcoran Releases Single ‘About Time’

Liam Corcoran, frontman from Joel Plaskett’s Prince Edward Island former power-pop protégés Two Hours Traffic, is  releasing his debut album NEVAHLAND on Friday, November 3rd. In case you can’t wait that long we’re premiering his single ‘About Time’.

NEVAHLAND is the follow-up to Liam Corcoran’s 2015 solo mini-album, ROM-DROM. NEVAHLAND is also Corcoran’s first full-length album since the disbanding of Two Hours Traffic in 2013, giving us a better idea of who brought the power to the band and who brought the pop.

2017 has proven to be a year for concept albums and Corcoran is jumping on board the storytelling express with NEVAHLAND. In his press release Corcoran describes the album:

“As an imminent disaster threatens their small community, a mysterious man claiming to be a priest rolls into their lives. Under the chaotic circumstances of evacuation, the couples follow the man as he promises to lead them to safety. Though they remain skeptical, it is clear to the group that they need to go somewhere. The record traces the harrowing trajectory of these characters as they prepare to leave the only home they’ve ever known, probably forever.”

It’s still too soon to find out where the gentle pop number ‘About Time’ fits along that plotline. Its tale of everyday heroics remain a mystery; we’ve yet to discover who it is we’re tidying the living room foror what sort of disaster is about to befall the former home of Michael Jackson, or how the ranch has become 20% sassier since his passing.

What we do know is that the album has some heavyweight talent backing it. It features guest appearances from Kinley Dowling (Hey Rosetta!KINLEY), Emilee Sorrey (SORREY), Dan Griffin (Arkells, Teen Ravine), and Nathan Wiley. It’s like CBS announcing a new TV series about gardening in the Andes, and you’re not entirely sold on the show’s premise… except it’s produced by Martin Scorsese and stars Anthony Hopkins as the shadowy mountain guide. You’re definitely going to check that out.

NEVAHLAND is being released on vinyl this fall, and is available for pre-order HERE.