Music Video: The Town Heroes Get Subversively Political With ‘Tonight’

The Town Heroes have surprised us with their new video and the final single from their 2017 album Please, Everyone.’Tonight’ is going to look familiar to anyone who has experienced a night alone in a foreign city; a night full of promise and excitement and, ultimately, disappointment.

Directed by Prince Edward Island native Tim Paugh, the video was filmed in Busan, Korea. Located more or less the opposite side of the planet, it’s as foreign as you can get without leaving the atmosphere. Language barriers, customs, and even issues that are massive enough to cause nationwide protests can cause a sense of isolation.

“We wanted to throw one last video from our ‘Please, Everyone’ album out there before we start releasing new material,” says Town Hero Mike Ryan. “[I] reconnected with an old friend who’s a filmmaker on the other side of the planet, and he put together a beautiful little four minute piece. [Paugh] is into a lot of directors I like—David Lynch being a big influence to him. I just shot him a message to see if he’d be up for working on something.” 

It follows a hapless sailor on a night long shore leave. As if being that far from home—and everyone and everything you’ve ever known—isn’t hard enough, the video was shot during a series of nationwide anti-government demonstrations. Millions of protestors took to the streets, and the hapless sailor is oblivious to their situation, despite his efforts to connect with the people around him. The video, like the song, represents the challenges of unifying people with struggles they’re unaware of, let alone able to relate to.

“I think initially it’s kind of a funny video,” says Ryan, “something we can all relate to—a guy just trying to fit in and have a good time. I never met the lead actor, Kristian, but he is absolutely phenomenal in it. Ultimately it all falls apart and he ends up literally missing his boat and is left stranded in a place where he’s an outsider. The specific story line itself not so much, but just in small instances in life where you feel like you’re a bit of an outsider. I think everyone has felt that before.”