MNB Awards 2016 (LP Chiasson)

Music/Musique NB Announces 2017 Award Nominees

Festival 506 is coming up next month and at the heart of it is the 2017 Prix MNB Awards. It’s a celebration of music and/or musique in the province, this year happening in Moncton between October 12-15, with the winners being announced on Friday, October 13. Also, they want your help in deciding who wins.

Music/Musique NB wants your help in choosing the winners. You get to decide who has been a clear leader in representing New Brunswick’s musical talent and industry professionals. Several of the categories will be decided using weighted votes from the general public (25%), jurors (25%) and MNB members (50%). Others will be be determined entirely by jurors while, naturally, the Fans’ Choice Award will be 100% determined by the public and the Members’ Choice Award will be decided by MNB Members,

Voting begins online at noon on Wednesday, September 13, and ends on Friday, October 6 at noon.

The 2017 MNB Award nominees are:

Album Of The Year (presented by Main Stage Cases)
ZAUM – “Eidolon”
The Divorcees – “From Labour To Refreshment”
Tomato/Tomato – “I Go Where You Go”
Jessica Rhaye – “Song In Me
Elephant Skeletons – “The Traveller”

Chanson SOCAN De L’Année 
Les Païens – “Le Coeur Qui Bat” 
George Belliveau – “Grand Verre De Tchekafaire” 
Kevin McIntyre – “Lever Le Camp”
Menoncle Jason – “Toute Vendre”
Joey Robin Haché – “Lune De Sang”

Emerging Artist Of The Year (presented in memoriam for Marc Chouinard)
Dillon Ryan
Les Jeunes d’Asteure
Melissa Hunt
Menoncle Jason
The Galpines

Enrestrement De L’Année presented by (Garrison Hill Entertainement)
Les Païens – “Carte Noire”
Menoncle Jason – “Dans Son Prime”
Cy – “Deuxième Nation”
George Belliveau – “Drop L’Aiguille”
Kevin McIntyre – “L’Axe Du Viseur”

Enrestrement Solo De L’Année
Menoncle Jason – “Dans Son Prime”
George Belliveau – “Drop L’Aiguille”
Kevin McIntyre – “L’Axe Du Viseur”
Pony Rouge – “Pony Rouge”
Joey Robin Haché – “Stigmates”

Group Recording Of The Year (presented by Capitol Theatre)
Les Païens – “Carte Noire”
The Divorcees – “From Labour To Refreshment”
Tomato/Tomato – “I Go Where You Go”
City Natives – “Nomadic”
Les Jeunes d’Asteure – “Paradis Possiblement”

SOCAN Song Of The Year
Tomato/Tomato – “Ain’t Dead Yet”
Mike Biggar – “Hell and High Water”
Adam Washburn – “Lift Me Up”
Jared Lutes – “Make It Up To You”
Jessica Rhaye – “Song In Me”

Solo Recording Of The Year (presented by Periwinkle Productions & Management)
Phakt – “Dropping Inwards”
Ryan Hillier – “In the Shadow of the Chapel”
Adam Washburn – “Lift Me Up
Jessica Rhaye – “Song In Me”
Elephant Skeletons – “The Traveller”

Aboriginal Album Of The Year 
District Avenue – “Epoch”
Beaatz – “Love | Hate”
City Natives – “Nomadic”
Old Self – “The Old Self LP”

Blues Artist Of The Year
John Richard
Kendra Gale Band
Mike Biggar

Country Artist Of The Year
George Belliveau
Laurie LeBlanc
Melissa Hunt
The Divorcees
The Galpines

Electronic Artist Of The Year
Elephant Skeletons

Folk Artist Of The Year
Christine Melanson
Jared Lutes
Jessica Rhaye

Hip-Hop Artist Of The Year
City Natives
Old Self

Loud Artist Of The Year
Counter Clockwork
District Avenue

Pop Artist Of The Year
Apryll Aileen
Brittany McQuinn
Joey Robin Haché
Kevin McIntyre

Rock Artist Of The Year
Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire
Les Jeunes d’Asteure
Les Païens

Event/Festival Of The Year (presented by Local 107.3FM)
Accros de la chanson
Paddlefest NB
Sackville Festival of Early Music
Shivering Songs
Winter Warmer Festival

Music Business Of The Year
What’s The Finish? Podcast
Malkin Music / Cyber PR Army
Le Grenier musique
Local 107.3FM

Music Industry Professional Of The Year
Carol Doucet
Carole Chouinard
Danny Bourgeois
Matt Carter
Peter Rowan

Music Producer Of The Year
George Belliveau
Jared Lutes
John McLaggan
Sebastien Michaud

Venue Of The Year
Parkindale Hall
Plan b Lounge
Red Herring Pub

Video Of The Year
Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire –“Fais Faillite”
George Belliveau – “Grand verre de tchekafaire”
Laurie LeBlanc – “J’ai pas été élevé au five course meals”
District Avenue –“Revival”
Kill Chicago – “Take The City”

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