New Music: The Hypochondriacs Release ‘The Hypochondriacs in 3/4’

Fredericton’s The Hypochondriacs have released their debut full-length album ‘The Hypochondriacs in 3/4′. The Hypochondriacs have been a staple on the Fredericton music scene for several years now, playing at local venues and Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival, but lacked a formal album that could reach more listeners. This album is long overdue, but was ultimately worth the wait.

In 3/4 drips with whiskey and old school country heartbreak. This isn’t the formulaic “lost my girl, lost my truck, lost my dog” heartbreak that is commonplace in modern country music; this is raw and authentic, yet just familiar enough to make listeners long for the good ol’ days. The Hypochondriacs are breathing new life into music that would otherwise collect dust in your grandma’s attic or only get played on the local country station’s Old Time Country Jamboree.

This album also packs enough of a rock and roll punch to be enjoyable to those who may not be so fond of its country influence. A perfect example of this mix is ‘Hung Up and Hung Over’. The track begins like an old Johnny Cash or Hank Williams song, but the screaming back-up vocals and rock guitar make it unique and lively.

Despite being focused on heartbreak, many of the songs on the album have a fast enough tempo to get listeners moving. The band has managed to successfully harness all the energy of their live shows into this studio album. Perhaps the track most exemplary of The Hypochondriacs’ live shows is ‘Reaching Out’, an incredibly danceable song with a strong Elvis Presley influence.

The Hypochondraics are one of New Brunswick’s most original and soulful acts and this much anticipated album will undoubtedly make its mark on the Fredericton music scene and beyond. Releasing a full length album will certainly bring more opportunities for these incredibly talented musicians. In 3/4 is available now, so pour yourself a shot of whiskey and let these fiery tracks reach into your soul.

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