The Brood First Day Of School

Music Video: The Brood’s Timely Release Of ‘First Day Of School’

The Brood have released their video for ‘First Day Of School’ from their upcoming album Transistor, and in timely fashion they’re reminding us that life is inevitably a little uncomfortable, and winter is coming… 

September. It’s a bittersweet time of season in general, with different connotations depending where you stand between the cradle and the grave. While universally it means the beginning of the end and we transition from the glory of summer and embark on the steady beleaguered march towards eight-foot snowbanks. For many, it brings a sense of freedom and relief with the return of the school year. That is, unless you happen to be in school.

For others, it is a steadfast reminder of the impending autumn of our own years and a perpetual source of anxiety as we struggle to shake the trauma of our youth.  In any case, it is perhaps the season during which we are most aware of the passing of time, and a season for nostalgia. In that, The Brood excel.

Director and bassist Billy Habib-Taylor digs into your subconscious with sepia tone and found footage to better reflect your recurring colour-blind nightmares before dissolving into a slew of WinAmp Visualizer plug-ins as we hit all the nostalgia bases. The song itself starts off with retro soft rock in the vein of Gilbert O’Sullivan, or Todd Rundgren, or even Harry Nilsson before taking a dive into The Brood’s bread and butter: psychedelic odyssey. Essentially, it’s a time capsuling reminder to us that being a kid was fun, but maybe not as fun as we remember.

Transistor is set to release October 27th,  2017, with an album release party at the Old Confidence Lodge in Riverport, Nova Scotia on October 28. They’ll also be playing Harvest Jazz & Blues on Friday, September 15th, in advance of their release.