The East Monthly Roundup Cover August 2017

Monthly Roundup: August 2017

August is always a crazy month for us. We’re not entirely over festival season, but we are over the hump. It’s a time when we return to our desks and start grinding through the thousands of photos we’ve taken, work through the memories that are nearly coherent thoughts, and finally stop scratching at those mosquito bites we were told wouldn’t happen because somebody made some really amazing essential oils that could do everything from curing the common cold to ending student debt.

Here’s everything we’ve managed to write about in the meantime.


Homeless: Saint John Film To Premiere At Third Shift
August 6, 2017 by Alec Martin

Halifax Urban Folk Festival Brings Major Songwriting Talents To Nova Scotia
August 8, 2017 by Alex Cook

The 2017 Fundy Fringe Festival Kicks Off In Saint John
August 21, 2017 by The East

Halifax Pop Explosion Announce Full Line-Up For 2017 Extravaganza
August 23, 2017 by Alex Cook

James Mullinger’s Stand-Up Comedy Hits World Stage With Amazon Prime
August 27, 2017 by Alex Cook

Fredericton’s Stephen Lewis Is Bringing The Funk To Burning Man
August 28, 2017 by Alex Cook

Imperial Theatre Gets Decentralized And Interactive With ‘Landline’
August 31, 2017 by Andrew Sketchley

Music Releases

New Music: Joseph Bridge’s ‘Marvin’s Sanitarium’
August 3, 2017 byJon MacIsaac

New Music: Saint-Jack Album Gives Middle Finger to Anxiety, Depression and Heartbreak
August 16, 2017 by Micaela Cockburn

Single: Partner Get Too Real With ‘Gross Secret’
 August 18, 2017 by Alex Cook

Single: Julie Doiron & The Wrong Guys Release ‘Love And Leaving’
August 19, 2017 by Ben Dickey

Single: The East Pointers Release ’82 Fires’
August 20, 2017 by Micaela Cockburn

New Music: Wheeler Release ‘American Cherry’
August 28, 2017 by Ben Dickey

New Music: The Torinos’ ‘Over Our Heads’
August 28, 2017 by Micaela Cockburn

New Music: Subtle Get Righteously Emo On ‘Procrastinator’ EP
August 29, 2017 by Alec Martin

New Music: Dennis Ellsworth & Kinley Dowling’s ‘Everyone Needs To Chill Out’
August 31, 2017 by Clinton Charlton

Video Releases

Music Video: The Burning Hell Will Convince You Of Anything With ‘Friend Army’
August 3, 2017 by Alex Cook

Music Video: Sleepless Nights Return With ‘Crystal Mountains’
August 18, 2017 by Alex Cook

Music Video: Ria Mae Gets Dancy In ‘Bend’
August 20, 2017 by Alex Cook

Festival Experiences

SappyFest: Sackville Challenges Urban Centres For Culture
August 9, 2017 by Ben Dickey

Messtivalmania X: Almost a Good Time
August 11, 2017 by Micaela Cockburn

Quality Block Party v1.2: Independently Saint John
August 24, 2017 by Alec Martin

Theatre Reviews

In Review: KV Players Presents ‘Sister Act’
August 10, 2017 by Alec Martin