Partner (Ben Dickey/The East)

Single: Partner Get Too Real With ‘Gross Secret’

Alright, we get it, every last song on Partner’s upcoming album is so damn catchy it’s going to be a single. Fine. While we’re waiting for the complete release of In Search Of Last Time next month, we’re not about to pass up this trickle of tunes coming from the band. This week the band go public with their release of ‘Gross Secret’

“Picture this: your sunglasses have fallen into a toilet full of a stranger’s pee. You have two choices: rinse them off and get on with your life or don’t. I (Lucy) chose the former, and that is one of my gross secrets.  For us this is the song that started it all. Please enjoy it for what it is: a celebration of the grossness that unites us.” says Lucy Niles of Partner.

I’d score that as about a 3/10 on the grossness scale, but a lot of my friends have kids. I’ve seen things. Things that would mean never looking at a box of Goldfish the same way ever again. You’d regard every seat cushion with more than a little suspicion. No doorknob would ever be safe.

We’ve all got secrets like that, right? I mean, not me personally, but Partner do and they’re plenty relatable. It’s the whole shtick of their new album: the every day adventures of every day rock stars. They’re human, they’re fallible, they’re a little icky, but they can write a catchy tune about it like no one else. Revel in their accessibility.

In Search Of Lost times is out on You’ve Changed Records September 8, 2017. Or you can put in the extra effort to catch them in person, and always wash your hands.

Aug 17 – Danforth Music Hall, Toronto ON^
Aug 18 – Danforth Music Hall, Toronto ON^
Aug 19 – Riverfest, Elora ON
Aug 25 – Central Gallery, Bangor ME
Aug 26 – Pride Festival, Moncton NB
Sep 01 – Monkey Bar, Burlington VT
Sep 02 – Mile Ex End Musique 2017, Montreal QC
Sep 07 – The Garnet, Peterborough ON
Sep 08 – Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON (Record Release Party)
Sep 15 – The Rondo, Windsor ON (Record Release Party)
Sep 22 – This Aint Hollywood, Hamilton ON
Sep 23 – Oktober Fest, Vankleek Hill ON
Sep 28 – Township, Chicago IL
Sep 29 – Village Theatre, Davenport IA*
Sep 30 – Foam, St Louis MO
Oct 01 – Granada Theatre, Lawrence KS*
Oct 03 – Durty Nellies, Palatine IL*
Oct 17 – Le Sous-Sol Du Circle, Quebec City QC
*opening for PUP
^opening for Portugal. The Man