Music Video: Partner Get Sporty With ‘Play The Field’

Partner are getting downright prolific with their music video release as they lead up to their big debut album drop in September. ‘In Search of Lost Time’ is expected out September 8th via You’ve Changed Records, but in the meantime we’ve had a solid EP’s worth of material delivered as music videos. Here’s Partner’s newest: ‘Play the Field’

Partner are making a name for themselves as distributors of fine rock and rock by-products. Their quirky and quick jangles remain uncontested in the modern field of alternative rockology. What Partner accomplishes is well beyond anything their genre gave us in the first decade of this century – they are righteously claiming that middle ground between nihilistic teendom and the ambiguity of adulthood. They continually beat upon their breasts and loudly proclaim “Here we are! Smock and joint! This is the anthem of our people!”

In the case of ‘Play the Field’, Partner declare a love of… sport, and innuendos, which we will admit are undoubtedly the best things about sports. The only thing we’re qualified to toss around are puns.

“This song is based on a true story of when I (Josée) was in grade eight. My friends were really good at sports but I definitely was not; I was eager to belong. I gathered all my courage and tried out for my school basketball team.  Somehow I made it past tryouts and onto the single ‘A’ team. I was so happy to just be on a team, it didn’t matter that I would only score one basket all season, or that I would score on my own team.

Lucy and I try to channel that blissful state in this song, which could be described as an effort to reclaim some of our dignity by surrendering to our true talents. It’s about admiring, romanticizing, and desiring the dignified excellence that seems to come along with being good at sports, knowing it’s something you will never truly experience but not really minding because you’re stoked that you get to hang out with your crush at practice,” says Josée Caron, a partner in Partner.

Take note: Partner’s one Maritime appearance is this weekend at Sappyfest! Go check them out and see why they’re one of our favourite bands to see live!

July 31 – The Anchor’s Bend, Asbury Park NJ
Aug 01 – The Great Scott, Boston MA
Aug 02 – AS220, Providence RI
Aug 06 – Sappy Fest, Sackville NB
Aug 12 – Wolfe Island Music Fest, Kingston ON
Aug 19 – Riverfest, Elora ON
Aug 25 – Central Gallery, Bangor ME
Sep 01 – Monkey Bar, Burlington VT
Sep 02 – Mile Ex End Musique 2017, Montreal QC
Sep 07 – The Garnet, Peterborough ON
Sep 08 – Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON (Record Release Party)
Sep 15 – The Rondo, Windsor ON (Record Release Party)
Sep 22 – This Aint Hollywood, Hamilton ON
Sep 23 – Oktober Fest, Vankleek Hill ON
Sep 28 – Township, Chicago IL
Sep 29 – Village Theatre, Davenport IA*
Sep 30 – Foam, St Louis MO
Oct 01 – Granada Theatre, Lawrence KS*
Oct 17 – Le Sous-Sol Du Circle, Quebec City QC
*opening for PUP