New Music: Strongboy Gets Into Their Groove With ‘Steady’

‘Steady’ from Halifax 4-piece, Strongboy, is bringing you the sounds from the weird 60’s wave of peace and love paired with 90’s dreamy Shoe Gaze/Indy Pop Rock. This very catchy 25 minute offering is perfect for both your summer parties and midnight contemplations. Strongboy’s sophomore release has combined what seems ease and originality that begs a full listen through for any day.

Opening track “Her Heart” has the colours of a David Gilmour guitar and the gentle whisper voice from Death Cab for Cutie, which I believe to be a perfect marriage. Softly merging into the record’s second track “Doesn’t Matter” which goes for beautiful harmonies and a come as you are vibe, and in my opinion could be the next big radio hit.

The album’s title track “Steady” gently wakes you and takes your hand on a warm walk through the park or a sleepy haze to the first pot of coffee, either way; it’s genuinely there with you. Take this album with you on the way to your weekend day-trip with your rose coloured sunglasses and forget about your 9-5 for just a little while.

Classic seems to be a fitting word for the sound Strongboy has captured. Dreamy vocals, sombre but very awake rhythm drums, smoothed out with the gentle thump of the bass guitar. “You’re Waiting” is another true testament to the idea that these Indy Pop lads know exactly what they’re doing in 2017. Ending a long acid trip, the psychedelic “Put It Up Your Nose” is perfect way to bring you back, ready to wake-up and welcome your second wind and let the after-party begin.

Be sure to catch Strongboy live when you can and buy their album for your friends. This album will make you feel like you’re dreaming while awake. I had the pleasure to see them live last year in Halifax, and it was a trip see; also great idea with the cassettes, boys.