Single: Aftersurf Revisit The Sixities With ‘You Wanted To’

New Brunswick summers are something to be experienced. When the sky isn’t dropping down buckets of water, the sun is roasting people like ants to a magnifying glass, and ‘You Wanted To’– the first single from Miramichi surf/ psych group Aftersurf’s first album Solipsism – is perfect for the days when all you can do to beat the heat is pile all your friend in your red corvette convertible and head to the nearest beach.

The track gives off an, almost, sixties vibe with its extensive use of phaser and reverb, coupled with some seriously awesome vocal harmonies throughout the track. ‘You Wanted To’ doesn’t just provide a hit of nostalgia, nor does it use that as a main selling feature, as the sound of the mix is clear, crisp, and modern sounding- which plays in the favour of being its own thing.

Aftersurf makes use of poppy vocal melodies and a shimmering, sun soaked, chord progression to get the listener up and dancing around either in their bedroom or their beach party. The rhythm section does nothing but up the danceability of the song with a solid, clap along kind of beat and pulsing bassline.

“Solipsism in it’s entirety plays out like a short story/tragedy about a guy who falls for an ex-junkie, and when she eventually relapses she gets him hooked as well,” says Riley Harris, the primary songwriter for Aftersurf.

“’You Wanted To’ is really about his feelings at the start in relation- diving into something, but with hesitation. Knowing it will end badly but somehow finding himself getting further and further involved.”

The single, as well as the rest of the album, was recorded at Slanted Glass Productions in Moncton and mastered by Dylan Ward (David in the Dark, Brookside Mall). Before the releasing Solipsism, Aftersurf will be going on a Maritime tour with the following dates:

July 20th at Plan B – Moncton, NB
August 4th at Taco Pica – Saint John, NB
August 7th at Baba’s Lounge – Charlottetown, PEI
August 9th at Menz & Mollyz – Halifax, NS
August 10th at Gus’s Pub – Halifax, NS
August 12th The Well – Miramichi, NB