Music Video: Murder Murder Get Slaughtered In ‘I’ve Always Been A Gambler’

What would you do if a mysterious envelope got shoved under your door? If we’re being honest with ourselves, you’d probably get excited and immediately open it, only to think in hindsight that it might have been anthrax, or worse… glitter. But if it’s an invitation to a high stakes poker game where the outcome is either fortune or death? If you’re bloodgrass band Murder Murder we don’t even need to ask. Here’s the video for their new track ‘I’ve Always Been A Gambler’.

The video shows the honorary Maritimers saying farewell to loved ones and willfully being abducted, which is how we assume they start all of their tours. The surprise comes after they’ve arrived in all their burlap chic, when they discover this isn’t a game anymore. One by one the get picked off as they lose more than their hands.

“We had a blast on set during the filming – dodging lightning and herding sheep between takes. The video tells the story of a high stakes blackjack game where the players put their lives on the line. Filmed at a rustic farm in Northern Ontario, it was the perfect backdrop for the sinister theme.”

The track comes ahead of the release of their Wicked Lines and Veins out sometime in September 2017, giving just a taste of where Murder Murder are heading with their new album. It’s surprising how far they’ve come with their sound – still well within the vein of murder ballads but more cohesive. They’ve expanded on the traditional to explore their own sound a bit more, though you’d never know what they’ve come up with weren’t already classics.

As usual, the band are teasing with plenty of upcoming east coast tour dates but have yet to make any official announcements.