Single: Melonvine Re-Releases ‘Stuck In Place’

Moncton-based alternative hard rockers Melonvine recently headed back into the studio – but not for new material. Instead they’ve gone back to polish up some tracks, and this week they’ve re-released the first of those with ‘Stuck In Place’.

The track had already appeared on an EP that was released late last year, but Melonvine returned to the studio with the whole bundle to be remixed and remastered.

“The first release was more of a demo. The original EP was self produced by myself as to why we wanted to go more professional,” says Melonvine guitarist/vocalist Derek Thibeault.

The band also cite reasons for the changes as being due to the transitioning in of a new drummer, and Thibeault taking over on guitar.

We kind of went back to fix a few things since it really wasn’t the exactly what we wanted. It felt more like a demo. The guitars were changed a bit. Same melody [but] chorus and lyrics changed and just got a different vibe.”

We don’t need to dwell on the irony of re-releasing a track called ‘Stuck In Place,’ but on the bright side it sounds like we’re heavily revisiting the ’90s. It wouldn’t be any huge stretch (give or take the terminal nature of mortality) to imagine Nirvana performing this. There’s something in those power chords, and the half-dissonance in the harmonies that screams: “Courtney Love, have my troubled babies and raise them to be werewolves!”

Which is fine. I think the ’90s are a good place to go back and take a look at where we got sidetracked, but I’m also getting used to my tastes in music being described as ‘dad rock’.

Thibeault says that a new single and music video will be coming out in early September and a full record will be recorded and released in Spring 2018.