Video: Folly Fest 2017

Well kids, it’s been another year and Folly Fest has come and gone. Hippy Christmas celebrated in June. It’s been five days and still the smell a patchouli and glitter linger in our clothes, our tents, our cars, and basically everything we’ve come into contact with. It’s the festival that keeps on giving.

This year we learned about Robo-Bonobos and the dichotomy of their off world supra-cities and terraformed climates thanks to the paintings of Nate Guimond. We discovered that just because Ben Caplan makes an appearance it doesn’t guarantee that there’s going to be apocalyptic grade thunderstorm. We now know that you can still stage dive even if you’re still inside a boat!

We saw more families than ever join the Folly Family, with tiny people making sure we didn’t run out of art.

We maintained a healthy balance somewhere between being nicely tanned, and staying well hydrated. No less than two afternoons were suitable for beach visitations.

We caught amazing performances from East Coast bands and artist. Incendia Motus danced a line between some seriously impressive incendiary  acrobatics, and actually causing serious concern (are people suitably engineered to be skyscrapers?).

My Son The Hurricane charged the crowd expertly, working them into a frothy sea suitable to receive their aforementioned stage dive. No BS! Brass Band got funky blasting away with their cannon-like tuba solos and Fredericton band CHIPS‘ pop punk performance pleased the Folly Folks.

The highlight of the festival – subjectively, naturally, maybe by applause, but certainly by sing-along volume – was Kelly Waterhouse with her saxophone joining Joyful Noise on the Yippee Stage for a cover of ‘Hey Jude’.

Thanks once again to all the organizers at Feels Good for putting on a great festival in beautiful Gagetown. May there always be one more piece of glitter in your tent.