Single: Partner Releases ‘Sex Object’

In the category of simple songs that we find endlessly amusing Partner has been a clear winner. They possess the rare gift of eliciting chuckles with their bizarre songs without losing face as a quasi-serious post-class rock band. They’ve been teasing us with singles for the last year, with their much anticipated album In Search Of Lost Time, finally hitting our eardrums in September. In the meantime here is the second single: ‘Sex Object’.

So with all the absurdity of Ween, paired with the hard rocking/trad. face-melting guitar solos of Guns N’ Roses and a pair of Harry Potter’s spectacles Partner have earwormed their way into our hearts. They’ve handily become a favourite, singing about such profound topics as maybe possibly probably being too stoned (and everyone knows it), or Ellen Page (we hope she finds us while  googling herself someday), or, in this case, snooping around your apartment and discovering your roommate’s sex tape.

“We wrote this song three summers ago on a lazy evening when we were trying to amuse ourselves by snooping around our house, not minding our own business. This is a song for all the nosy parkers out there who have ever let curiosity get the best of them. Hope you’re all having a lovely summer!! Xo” say Partner in their official release. It leaves us to believe that this is a portrayal of actual events, though the song omits any particular names.

“Shouldn’t have been snooping in my roommate’s room / Shouldn’t have been snooping in there /
I found a sex tape / and I didn’t say anything /
about the sex tape”

And that’s as complex as it gets. You can practically already hear the crowds singing along with it. Nobody ever said rock and roll had to be complicated.

July 20 – Division Avenue Arts Collective, Grand Rapids MI
July 22 – River & Sky Festival, Sudbury ON
July 31 – The Anchor’s Bend, Asbury Park NJ
August 02 – AS220, Providence RI
August 06 – Sappy Fest, Sackville NB
August 12 – Wolfe Island Music Fest, Kingston ON
August 19 – Riverfest, Elora ON
September 02 – Mile Ex End Musique 2017, Montreal QC
September 07 – The Garnet, Peterborough ON
September 08 – Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON (release party)
September 15 –  The Rondo, Windsor, ON
September 22 – This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton ON
September 23 – Oktober Fest, Vankleek Hill ON
September 28 – Township, Chicago, IL