Jont & The Infinite Possibility: Halifax Artist Goes Big With Album Launch

If you’re going to do an album launch  these days, there’s an inclination to go big. It’s not just a matter of making up a poster anymore and booking a bar, or even a whole tour of venues. These days you can make a whole spectacle of it – finding new and exciting ways to engage your prospective audience. That’s what Jont & The Infinite Possibility are doing with for their newest and eighth album, An Old Innocence.

The album is being release on Friday, June 30th at the Carleton Bar & Grill in Halifax, at least in its most physical sense. Jont says they’re planning on going over and above what you’d normally come to expect for a release party. They’ll be producing the event as an HD live-streamed concert movie/mock rockumentary with a fancy dress party at the heart of it. Halifax DJ Tommy Knuckles will be performing, and will be joined by several local acts making appearances as micro support sets.

The show promises to be just as much an elaborate bit of theatre as it will be a genuine performance of the new album. Without giving away all the secrets – the show will have your expectations turned on their heads.

Now three years in the making, Jont, who has had all of that time to think about it, guarantees the album as “a classic, indie singer-songwriter album, with an exultant, uplifting sound – a collection of songs that will have you dancing around the kitchen and staring thoughtfully into your coffee.”

There will be 432 tickets being sold for the show with viewers being able to choose their own price for $1 upward, and reward tiers with all variety of perks for those interested as well. The show, even if it’s not viewed live, will be available all week long online.

The event will be hosted by both Jont and Avacado Joe, with the initial part of the night being delivered to Jont’s fans around the world (he was born in England after all). It will featuring three of Jont’s favourite artists in Halifax: Mizel Cluett, Lew Moss and Avocado Joe – before Jont and his band take to the stage for a full set at 11pm.

“This is a really ground-breaking thing, and not just a FB live stream but like a TV show, with awesome music, and entertaining in-between set banter and interviews,” says Jont.

“It’s a kind of musical postcard from Halifax to the world – all for as much as you want to pay, and it will be up there for a week after so you don’t even need to be around to watch it live. You can watch it sometime during the week as you’re recovering from a huge Canada Day weekend.”

You can catch the show here, starting Friday June 30th at 8:30pm.