Exclusive: Future Forest Finally Releases 2017 Lineup & Poster

Future Forest has had more than its share of hard knocks this year. Festival organizer Tim Kukula had his home broken into, with money and equipment for the festival being stolen. Now, with festival season underway, it looks like Future Forest situation has drastically changed for the better.

This year the festival has a new (yet to be disclosed) location, that organizers are very excited about. While the previous location was much loved, the spot provides the opportunity of a blank canvas and the possibility of future development and permanent structures.

Today Future Forest are also releasing their 2017 poster, which reads like a Russian novel. When asked for comment on the full line-up of performers this year Kukula said, “I haven’t even finished reading it yet.”

As Kukula says, their list of visual artists alone is the size of some festival lineups.

Far too Loud
iLL Phil
Abstrakt Sonance
DJ Madd
Pigeon hole
Pineo & Loeb
Wet Paint

The festival will also feature performances by AWAL, Ben Rama, BITS, Claire, Diemetic, Digital Fire, Elephant Skeletons, MarcBook Pro, Miz Megs, Monsanto, MYDÄ, Rollin Cash, Sean Keating, Strange Future, Substance,The Warriors, Tron Sepia, VEEV, Wrong Jeremy vs. Tapwatr, Zepha Adrian Go, AnuBass, Aphotik, Assmatic, BassGrynder, Bits, Blueberry Dropz, Boogie Buttons, Brett Jones, Brodence, Buzzcat, Casey Jones, Charife, CHUCK BRADSHAW, CoolTrainerCody, Daäna, Dabman, Dartmythian, Derb, Diligence, dope, DR.T, Durillam, Dylan Miller, Fawna, Foggyswoggle, Fr33wi11, FRD, Funkswag, Geometic, Glitch , GrooveDust, Harmsworth, Hi-Def, In_The_Valley, Isaac Haze, Jaguar Knight, Jeff Keddy, Jody MC, John Wolfe, Jonbob, Jules Bangsworth, KDZ, Khev, Kid Kicko, Kincrew, Kitty Bass, Living~stone, LIZZO, Loa Gaze, Lockout, Longstocking, Lyra, Major Tasty, Marco Logik, Math Class, Matty Ford, Matty , M%rF#r!, Milkcrat, Mizz Maxine (live drums), Molloy, Mr Hyde, Mulligan, Mythrophan, Nausikaa, Nick E Tee, Nick Hood, Old Boy, Papi Gonzo, Phaedrus & OddSc, PHRESHLY PRESSED, Pilot the sun, Plural, Prana Papa, Razziki, Robert T (live), Ruined Sunday, Sapling, Scout, Semira, siri, Skeemer, Snowfish, Soundsyster, Spacefood, Stiles, Stirfry, Sweet Lew, Synesthesia, Systms, Techno Nanny, The Price for gold, The Psyentists, Tom Wilson, TOMMY KNUCKLES, Troy Power, Vince Kuzanagi, Vowels, Wasko, White, Witchdokta, Wobble Wallah, WobbleFish, Woodsworthy, and Zartownis. Also countless visual artists, VJ’s and performance artists.

Here’s the poster in it’s full glory.

The festival takes places in a mysterious location somewhere along the Saint John River July 28-31st, 2017. Tickets are available at www.FutureForest.ca.