Bluebird: Co-Creator Of The PEI Encyclopedia Co-Creates A New Web Series

Prince Edward Island continues to prove itself as a comedic goldmine. One of the co-creators of The Prince Edward Island Encyclopedia have given us yet another look into island life with the creation of their newest web series, Bluebird.

According to the writers:

The web series that follows Jordan (Jessica Vano), a young female carpenter who moves to the big city from Prince Edward Island to follow her dreams as a carpenter/designer. She quickly finds out that she’s not taken too seriously in the male dominated industry. After many failed attempts at finding any meaningful employment, she gets a call from a shop called “Bluebird”, a small woodshed in the heart of the city run by a crew of misfits. Bernie (Matt Blouin), the owner, seems to have a drinking problem and the shop seems to be on the verge of collapse almost constantly. Yancey (Tyler Boyco) is the cockeyed foreman, an idiot savant who keeps the shop running. Kind of. And Gerald (Dominique Girouard) is a failed writer, going through the paces until he gets the book deal he has always dreamed of.

Of course, all we know at the moment is what the writers tell us, and this tiny teaser featuring Yancey puzzling over Trump’s presidency and Jordan correcting his assumption that it was a bizzaro episode of The Apprentice.  Yancey concludes ironically that “We should build a wall.” And just like that we’re hooked.

The series was written by Dominique Girouard who has been making web series for a while now, most notably The Prince Edward Island Encyclopedia, Tyler Boyco a recent film school graduate who recently shared the stage with Jay Baruchel (that skinny Canadian guy who’s in everything and looks like he’s trying to absorb the soul of James Franco) while promoting his new short, The Talk, and Liam Small, a stand-up comedian from Newfoundland who is seeing some success in the Big City.

The series has five episodes filmed and awaiting their final edits, and hope to create a season with eight 4-6 minute long episodes.

“It’s hard getting everyone together for a project with next to no money, so we run into a lot of scheduling conflicts, especially when our lead is Jessica Vano (The Demolisher, Death On Scenic Drive). She gets a lot of paid gigs. She usually does horror, it’s great to see her comedic chops in Bluebird. She’s super talented and brings a lot to the production,” says Girouard.

“Bluebird started as I was looking for something to write. Matt [Blouin], the actor who plays Bernie, actually owns his own woodshop, called ‘Bluebird Millworks’. I just started going from there. Matt is one of the most interesting people I know.”

Girouard say that Bluebird is actually the second time he has written about Blouin. The first occasion was for a submission to the Cinecoup Film competition called John Goes To The Olympics, in which Girouard expands upon Blouin’s divorce (and subsequent Olympic badminton aspirations).

Girouard says he expects the first episode of Bluebird will be stream on their YouTube channel sometime in the coming week. If it’s more of the sort of quirky Maritime comedy that pokes at the world through our particular lens (and let’s face it, we get poked back at least as much as we deserve), we’ll be glued.

Updated: It’s here!