Music Video Premiere: Rosewood Annie Releases ‘Calling Out’

If you’re going to do a three track EP, you may as well go all out. So in advance of the release of ‘To Whom It May Concern’ Rosewood Annie are putting out the second of three videos: ‘Calling Out’.

To answer the question of how long it’s going to take before the band sell out and appear in a music video in nothing but their underwear, Rosewood Annie clock it at just around 00:23s. There’s an awful lot of bromancery going on; the kind that only comes from being in a band, or the unspoken bond that forms when filming your buddies in the buff. Is it artful? No. Is it blink-182’s ‘What My Age Again?’? No. Is it still a music video? Yes.

Rosewood Annie are channelling a lot of early 2000’s pop punk in the vein of AFI, The Get Up Kids, Alkaline Trio, and maybe a bit of Thrice for good measure. My inner seventeen year old is thrilled, and I can feel my hair going all smooshy in the back and flippy in the front. I feel strong urges to reference memes that no one is likely to remember and I wonder if this is how my parents feel when they hear disco…

‘To Whom It May Concern’ is out tomorrow (May 19th)  with a release party June 3rd at the Pavilion in Halifax. Then the band will be hitting the road with a tour that stretches across the Maritimes and through to Ontario.

Tour Dates:
Sunday, June 4 – Plan B – Moncton, NB
Tuesday, June 6 – Source De La Martiniere – Quebec, QC
Wednesday, June 7 – Brasserie Beaubien – Montreal, QC
Thursday, June 8 – Café Dekcuf – Ottawa, ON
Friday, June 9 – The Jam Spot – Newmarket, ON
Saturday, June 10 – The Music Scene – Whitby, ON
Sunday, June 11 – Norma Jeans – London, ON
Wednesday, June 14 – The Doors Pub – Hamilton, ON
Thursday, June 15 – The Beer Exchange – Windsor, ON
Friday, June 16 – Club NV – Brantford, ON
Saturday, June 17 – The Foxx – Barrie, ON