Exclusive: Jont & The Infinite Possibility Premiere ‘Life Is So Good’

Jont & The Infinite Possibility are set to release their new album ‘An Old Innocence’ next month. In the meantime though, we get to premiere ‘Life Is So Good’, the first music video from the album.

Our favourite adopted lanky Englishman has a certain style about him. It’s pretty hard to miss, even in this video. It might be as straight forward as your standard GAP commercial, but Jont is practically a mystical being. You see him, he stares back at you. You know him, and he knows your soul. And even though the whole video is shot from the torso up, you have complete faith in you knowledge that he is dancing barefoot.

That’s just who Jont is. He’s connected – with you, the earth, the universe. Much of that connection is directly through the soles of his feet. He likely burned a fair amount of sweet grass before they even began filming, bless him.

But sometimes, the Universe gives a lot back to people like that. As Jont explains it, he wrote the song ‘Life Is So Good’ while holed up in a house near Spryfield, Nova Scotia. He was already feel fairly uplifted by the good fortune of a new patron, fresh prospects, and an upcoming trip to Paris

“Buoyed by this crazy twist of fate, I wrote ‘Someone To Love Me’, another song called ‘All Of What You Are’ – which only just got taken off the album at the last minute. Then this cousin of a friend of mine kept coming to visit me each evening to chat,” says Jont.

“I was manically strumming around the kitchen, rolling cigarettes, drinking tea and writing these three songs – then this beautiful woman kept arriving and we chatted for hours. There was an intimacy there, but she was leaving town a few days later. It seemed silly to act on it. So we just kept talking and the intimacy grew and grew. By about the fourth day, it was getting very intense.

We played a few different games. One of them was to sit opposite each other and stare at each other. for an hour without stopping. It was a really beautiful episode in my life. We had an intimacy without the usual clinging. I had this tune running around my head, the melody and the chords. and when she left I was like, well at least I know what to write that song about now…”

Howard Bilerman (Formerly of Arcade Fire) recorded Jont and the band playing the song live in the studio, with the real distinctive colour – the moog synthesizer parts, being played by George Hoyle. It makes for a warm and fuzzy little summer dance number that will probably hear at a few festival and house shows.

In the meantime, Jont is having a draw before the album is released for those who sign up for his mailing list. The winner will get a signed copy of ‘An Old Innocence’. To enter follow the link to subscribe. The draw will take place before June 30th.