Music Video: T. Thomason’s ‘My Kind’

After an independent release last August T. Thomason’s most recent album, ‘Sweet Baby’, got picked up for an official release via Coax Records yesterday, and with it came a video for its first single, ‘My Kind’. 

Thomason says that the song is about a real life experience of getting through a difficult time, and the effect that being welcomed and guided into a new community had on him. The video features a rather dejected looking Thomason encountering one his ‘kind’ in the form of Tori Cameron (Floodland, The Town Heroes) and following her back through bits of Halifax to the tribal jam circle. Sometimes you just need a little guidance to find yourself.

Thomason can’t say enough about his video producing team, with some of Halifax’s best: produced by Taylor Olson, makeup by Lindsay Thorne, shot and edited by Keith Mitchell, and directed by up and comer Koumbie.

Filmmaker Koumbie says that bringing the video together was a bit of a whirlwind experience that went from producing a short film that featured the song, to producing a music video that featured similar techniques. “I was working on my newest short film which is about a young man struggling with anxiety and depression who sees himself as this alien-like creature and when I heard ‘My Kind’ I knew I needed it for the end of the film […] Plus we needed to do a make up test for the film and it all fell together really quickly after that.”

So with a face full of blue paint and glass shards (the work of Lindsay Thorne) they hit the streets, where they got exactly the reaction you’d expect. Lots of weird looks for sure, which is what we were hoping for,” says Thomason.

Weird looks or not the finished product is worth seeing.