Music Video: Rosewood Annie’s ‘Vices’

Halifax based post-hardcore outfit Rosewood Annie have just released a music video for ‘Vices’, the lead single for their upcoming album ‘To Whom it may Concern’; and in the proud tradition of punk music videos it is gloriously dumb.

The video starts of with the band sitting behind a table loaded full of “vices”: cigarettes, plenty of booze, chips, frozen pizza, and straight hot sauce. Hell, buddy on the far right even does a bong rip before all is said and done.

It’s an ode to mindless self destruction with all the band members smoking, drinking, eating, and indulging in a bit of cannibalism (we plead the fifth). The amount of damage they manage to do to their bodies in four minutes is impressive, it’s the 100m sprint of bad choices.

The music stays fairly up beat and has a certain familiarity to it, without becoming unoriginal. ‘Vices’ kicks off with melodic lead guitar and drums to fill out the sound. From here the band alternates pretty evenly between aggressive – screamed vocals, abrasive instrumentation – and poppier sections – clean vocals and a more open sound. They give the song time to breathe just before the breakdown which ends in feedback closing out the track; but not the video. The video ends with someone’s arm getting eaten and another person coughing up blood.

It’s just the first of three videos from band’s three track EP ‘To Whom It May Concern’ is due out May 19th. The band are also gearing up for a full tour of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes before an official (date TBA) release party in Halifax.

Tour Dates:
Sunday, June 4 – Plan B – Moncton, NB
Tuesday, June 6 – Source De La Martiniere – Quebec, QC
Wednesday, June 7 – Brasserie Beaubien – Montreal, QC
Thursday, June 8 – Café Dekcuf – Ottawa, ON
Friday, June 9 – The Jam Spot – Newmarket, ON
Saturday, June 10 – The Music Scene – Whitby, ON
Sunday, June 11 – Norma Jeans – London, ON
Wednesday, June 14 – The Doors Pub – Hamilton, ON
Thursday, June 15 – The Beer Exchange – Windsor, ON
Friday, June 16 – Club NV – Brantford, ON
Saturday, June 17 – The Foxx – Barrie, ON