Tomato/Tomato Announce New Album – Tease With New Video

Tomato/Tomato have been keeping busy. They just kicked off the East Coast Music Awards, and released a music video. Now they’re teasing us with a handful of new songs, and upcoming album. Today they broke the news with the release of their new video for ‘Kite Song’.

Recently the band premiered a video featuring fans taking up the legendary washboard and guitar amidst Saint John’s Backstreet Records. Now their new video shows the duo just next door at Heartbreak Boutique as Tomato/Tomato apparently conduct the tiniest tour down Germain Street.

“The last video we released was filmed at Backstreet Records, and the one before that was shot all over the city. We love Saint John (and it’s surrounding communities) so much and are always trying to showcase some of the gems,” says skiffler Lisa Mclaggan. “Pam Wheaton (owner of Heartbreak Boutique) has always been so supportive of us as well as other local entrepreneurs. I also get a lot of my dresses there. We really look at entrepreneurship as a team effort. She is a part of the team. When we approached her about filming there after hours, she didn’t hesitate. She opened the doors to us, let us have a live audience in, helped us rearrange everything, and even brought snacks!

There are so many amazing places here – there is no need to venture too far. We also are always looking to help promote other people when we can. Again – we really believe in being a team and lifting other people up as much as possible.”

Lisa says that the song is about a co-dependent relationship, but only the happy healthy kind that form adorable washboard/banjo bands, “That is absolutely us. We are okay with that and think there is a real beauty in it. The setting was inspired by a beautiful café we found in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. It’s a story – not to be taken literally. We didn’t actually meet in a café on a Tuesday while sipping espresso… but the chorus is all us.”

Fans of Tomato/Tomato got an earful of what’s to come, with the duo performing some of the new songs at the 2017 ECMAs in Saint John. The band will be headed to south soon to record at Grammy producing Nashville studio Bomb Shelter. They describe the opportunity as working with something of a dream team – working with Jon Estes,  studio owner Andrija Tokic and a variety of Grammy winning and associated session players, and John Baldwin who has worked on projects by the likes of  Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, Ricky Skaggs, Motley Crue, and others.

“This was so meant to be,” says Lisa. The project came together after reaching out to long time friend Jon Estes who played bass on their debut album ‘So It Goes’

“We were in the same music program in Miami. He and John used to play jazz duets every weekend at a bookstore there. He is from Nashville and has since moved back and has a very successful career. We had done a lot of research – listening to our favourite albums and figuring out where they were recorded, who produced them, etc. and came up with a dream wish list. When we asked Jon where he would recommend, he said himself and the team at the Bomb Shelter. As it turns out, that studio was number one on our list and we didn’t know he worked there!”

In the meantime we have more videos to look forward to and an intense summer tour schedule.