Music Video: Walrus’ ‘In Timely Fashion’

Halifax based psych rock/pop outfit Walrus are taking listeners through the paces with their new music video for ‘In Timely Fashion’. Taped on an old camcorder, or else a go-pro made to look like one, the video follows the band members as they go about their day-to-day in what must be Walrus‘s habitually trance inducing jangle pop world.

The track itself is an earworm – with the haunting refrain “Where are you now?” lingering long after the four-minute video plays out. The guitar and organ swirl in and out of each other, giving the listener a pleasantly uneasy feeling as well as adding depth to the instrumentation, while the vocals soar frigidly on top of the mix.

As soon as the video starts there is this instant DIY feel to it. The first scene is just loose change being launched into a toll booth before it cuts to someone texting while smoking a cigarette, a familiar sight throughout the video. Another smoke, another room, people playing guitars, and then some cat steals the show for about ten seconds. Dart number three, then off to print screen some new Walrus merch, which looks pretty nice if you ask me.

It’s about as stylistically far away from their previous video, ‘Close My Eyes’ as you can get – that might have been mistaken for a mid-budget live action short film by Tim Burton. It may have featured just another day in the life of a Pumpkin-headed demon but not every day can be spent being chased around fields by candy-corn monsters. We all have days that are spent just flicking butts at the sidewalk. It might be that someone just decided to bring along their VHS camcorder, but when set to music it feels more like a dream within a dream going about your day with a hypnotic jangle pop soundtrack.