Video: Tomato/Tomato Release ‘Everything You Need (Revisted)’

Over the last couple years Tomato/Tomato  have worked hard to become the faces of music in Saint John. They’ve muscled their way in with their well defined calves and forced us to like them with their general adorableness. Now they’re turning it around and making it all about us with their video for ‘Everything You Need (Revisited)’.

‘Everything You Need’ was originally a track from last album ‘I Go Where You Go’ but they duo decided the song needed a few tweaks to better reflect the direction their music was headed. The reworked version has a bit more edge to it, and sounds decidedly more country than the bands usual bluegrass.

“We rerecorded the vocals, added awesome guitar by Kris Richards, added new bass, drums, and had it mastered by Nashville’s John Baldwin,” says Tomato Lisa Mclaggan. “Come to think of it, the only things on it that remain from the original recording are the dobro and banjo tracks.”

Despite checking off all the boxes on the bluegrass checklist – washboard, beard, and banjo – that’s technically not bluegrass enough according to Mclaggan. “I would categorize it as being more in the Americana genre. That would explain the electric guitar. I think that’s more where we’re leaning – we were never truly a bluegrass band anyway. I mean – we were never really a “full fledged” bluegrass band. There’s actually no percussion in traditional bluegrass music. So my washboard, kick and snare drums have been a bit sacrilegious. We are actually complete rebels!”

The band put out a call last week for Saint Johners to make an appearance in their new video. Promised the opportunity of a solid leg work out, fans flocked to Backstreet Records to try their hands (and feet) at the duo’s instruments.

“We LOVED doing that video! It was so much fun! We also had no idea what was going to happen…like, maybe nobody would show up? We were very happy with the turn out and the positivity of everyone there.

Gordie (owner of Backstreet) was very keen on the idea and was super supportive right away. We wanted to release it around Record Store Day and are always looking to support our favourite local businesses We get asked a lot of questions about our set up, how I do everything at once, and often people ask to try it after shows. So we thought we’d just really give everyone an opportunity to come try it out! We wanted to feature as many local people as possible.”

The band hint at more videos in the future featuring local Saint John businesses, but in the meantime you can catch Tomato/Tomato performing at the 2017 East Coast Music Awards.

Gala Performance During Awards Show
Export Buyers Stage, 3:30pm
Folk stage 12:20am
CBC Weekend Mornings Live broadcast with Bill Roach at Sanctuary Theatre 7-9am
Songwriters Circle, 4:45pm