Exclusive: Messtival Announces Messtival Mania X: A Royal Stumble Line-Up

After last year’s disastrous religious debacle, Messtival organizers came to the realization that they weren’t struggling for our souls,  but struggling with themselves. And they loved it. This year they’ve embraced the no-nonsense and very real struggle by bringing to the festival the illustrious and time-honoured sport of professional wrestling with MESSTIVAL MANIA X: A Royal Stumble.

Also they told us what bands will be playing.

Messtival may have delighted some with the prospect of Rapture, but with the complete failure to transcend the audience (arguably due to rituals of a conflicting nature), they’ve turned to more earthly pursuits. Nothing is more earthly than getting a big boot directly to the face. It’s a stark reminder that Messtival take themselves very seriously, and nothing is more serious than professional wrestling.

“We will have actual wrestling, but bands will not be fighting each other,” says promoter Ian MacMillan. “I guess they are free to wrestle with each other if they are so inclined. We are just not encouraging it.”

To emphasize the fact that the event is 100% business and not at all fun, Jello will be strictly considered contraband and will be confiscated. Mud will be weather dependent. No forms of wrestling will be permitted except for 100% absolutely real professional wrestling. Messtival have partnered with local wrestling promoters Innovative Hybrid Wrestling to guarantee that any wrestling happening at the festival will not be the fake kind of wrestling. Because it will be real.


Grand Theft Bus

Scientists Of Sound


My Son The Hurricane

Menoncle Jason

Dub Kartel

Earthbound Trio

Fuzz Fiction

The B+ Players

The Galpines




Ben Rama

Daryl And His Boogie Buttons



Wobble Wallah

Early bird passes will be available exclusively through Messtival.ca beginning April 24th . Physical passes will be available at Spin It Records in Moncton, Backstreet Records in Saint John and Fredericton, and Obsolete Records in Halifax by mid-late May.

Messtival Mania:  A Royal Stumble happens August 5th, 2017 in Anagance, New Brunswick. As usual, we really don’t know how serious they are about any of this.