Big Axe Brewery Bring Craft Beer Festival To Nackawic

Nackawic, New Brunswick: known for its Big Axe, and its Big Axe Brewery, the area is now looking to spice things up by including a Big Axe Craft Beer Festival. Coming July 15th, it’s expected to be the largest open air beer festival in New Brunswick.

Hosted by Big Axe Brewery itself, the event expects to draw 500-600 craft beer enthusiasts to the area. The festival will feature over twenty breweries from around the Maritimes, as well as Maine.

“We had talked about doing it last summer actually, but it took some time to get the right people on board and to find a date that didn’t overlap with similar events in nearby communities,” says event spokesperson Jonathan Stone.

“The Big Axe Brewery is a successful local business and are expanding this year, so some of us in the community felt it was worthwhile to partner with them to bring people to the area to showcase our beautiful waterfront, enjoy local craft beverages and to hear some great NB performers. If this festival is a success, we will consider planning another one to make it a yearly event here.”

Being the locations of the world’s largest axe, and its namesake brewery, organizers are hoping that festival-goers will appreciate the event not just for the liquid refreshments, but also its beautiful location on the Saint John River. The festival will be unique within the province as the only craft beer event directly accessibly by water.

“There’s a small marina on the site so we are hoping to attract those who love New Brunswick and the great outdoors,” says Stone. “We think people who have never set foot here will be very pleasantly surprised with just how beautiful the waterfront here truly is. It definitely adds to the ‘great outdoors’ atmosphere we wish to promote.”

Stone says that Big Axe Brewery owners and festival organizers, Peter and Tatiana Cole, have been working diligently with ANBL to make sure everything goes smoothly.

“The interesting thing is that we are also working with Customs to ensure the Maine-based brewery can get their products across the border without any issues. We are being very proactive and deeply contemplative, right down to where we place the porte-potties.”

So far the list of brewers included in the event (officially announced or otherwise) are:

Big Axe Brewery
Big Spruce Brewing​

Grimross Brewing Co.​
Maybee Brewing Company
Hammond River Brewing Company Inc.​
Picaroons Traditional Ales​
Sunset Heights Meadery
Red Rover Craft Cider
Foghorn Brewing Company
Upstreet Craft Brewing
Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault​
Urban Farm Fermentory
Off Grid Ales
Gray Stone Brewing

Stone say that Hans the German will be on site as a food vendor serving sausages and bratwurst, and that they expect to add more food vendors based on the number of ticket sales. There will also be a performance by special musical guests Fredericton’s David In The Dark.

Buses will be transporting people to the event from Fredericton and Woodstock. Camping is available almost on-site, and there is a marina, free of charge, as well as a beachfront area for boaters to dock at.

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