Music Video: Partner Release ‘Comfort Zone’

Partner have released a video for ‘Comfort Zone’, their first single of 2017, probably just to remind us that we’re all still waiting on a proper album from the Sackville power-duo.

The song is an ode to the simple pleasures in life. It’s all the things that help us to let our guard down and unwind. It is the Millennial’s version of Loverboy’s ‘Working For The Weekend’.

“A comfort zone does not have to be a place. A comfort zone is whatever makes you feel at ease,” says the band in an official statement. “It can be a person, an object, a sensation. No two comfort zones are the same. We recognize that we have had the privilege and good fortune to experience comfort in a way that unfortunately eludes many. We feel that everyone deserves to feel the relief, however fleeting, that is offered by a comfort zone. We recognize that most people spend the majority of their time outside their comfort zones, and with this song we hope to express our belief that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and safe. Whatever, wherever, whoever your comfort zone may be, it is our hope that you are able to access it as often as is necessary.”

Essentially, as it’s perfectly demonstrated in the video, this is a safe space where you should feel free from judgement and ridicule while practicing your line-dancing moves in your pyjamas. And don’t pretend like you haven’t. There’s an unfair stigma against such a universal, albeit secret, practice.

Despite the simple backdrop of ‘Comfort Zone’ they’ve managed to include a handful of Easter Eggs in the video. There’s the subtle re-appearance of Tim Horton’s product placement (while that might be said of the country at any given time, that’s two for two now), an official coffee mug from Sappyfest, their hometown festival where they first blew us away, as well as the suggestion that we should be following the example of Sweden and adopting a six hour work day to both decrease worker stress and increase productivity.

For people who can pack so much into a video, you’d really think they’d have a proper album out by now…