Music Video: Hillsburn Release ‘Low Light’

Hillsburn have left a tasty little nugget on our collective doorsteps this morning with the release of their new video ‘Low Light’. The previously released single from their upcoming sophomore album is a little visual teaser we’ve been long waiting for.

The video digs into the value of relationships, and bonds that form, and where we’re left without them. We risk making ourselves vulnerable in hopes of a lasting pay-off. Still we often learn that no matter who we love the only love we can ever depend on is that of our cats. Even then, they’ll likely eat our faces after we die. In the meantime we can find solace knowing that they will always be there for us – secure in the knowledge that at least once a day, usually around 4:30am, we can be guaranteed a fluffy embodiment of affection because of whatever evolutionary shortcoming failed to allow cats to open cans.

Hillsburn explain that the video is in fact not necessarily about what happens to our pets when we pass away, but the challenges of finding stability and happiness in a relationship. Between humans. Not cats.

“Both song and video underline the importance of seizing — and enjoying — the moment: “Now while the city sleeps, kiss me in the street, my love. I’m learning to be fearless. Our time, we’ve got to take it serious.”

Relationships are hard, some are even harder than others, and the video reminds us of that. It might be an argument that it’s still better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, and it’s even easier to love a cat. Whatever suffering comes, those moments of life are the peaks. They might come with valleys and even canyons but without them what else is there to experiencing life?