Music Video: Corey Isenor Releases ‘Ferry Tale’

It’s not often you see a music video  where the musician also holds the credits for director, producer, camera man, editor, and stunt coordinator. In this modern era of the post-juggernaut music industry sometimes a little DIY elbow grease is what it takes. Sometimes you’ve got a creative itch that needs a little scratch. Which is exactly the case with the latest release from Corey Isenor, and his new music video for ‘Ferry Tale’.

The video itself is as simple as it gets, using old footage from a vacation Isenor took in 2014 along the St. John River near the Mactaquac Dam, and combines it with footage from LaHave River in Nova Scotia.

“The song itself is about the Lahave river and the ferry that operates at it’s mouth,” says Isenor who has lived on the LaHave River for the last three years.“There’s imagery of the river, water and movement in the song for me, and I felt that was all captivated well by the shots I had of the moving waves and kites and river scenery.”

“The St. John river was host to a vacation I took with about thirteen other friends. A couple of summers ago where we rented a houseboat for a weekend. [The footage] is all from the last two years I’d say, and anything on the St. John river is from that trip. That was shot all over that part of the river.

It’s stripped down and straight forward to the point of being almost minimalistic. While the idea of anyone approaching you with a music video and saying, “Hey! Check this out, I made it myself!” usually falls squarely into the domain of the cringe-worthy, Isenor somehow makes it work. Channelling some hard Simon & Garfunkel meets Nick Drake meets early ’80s CBC, there’s a relaxed feeling to the pairing of the audio and visual. Despite the lyrics describing the more hectic and frustrating parts of living the ferry lifestyle, like the tides, there’s an inevitability to it. It’s only going to move at it’s own pace. Might as well sit back and enjoy the forced vacation.