Music Video: B.A. Johnston Releases ‘Drivethru Beef’

B.A. Johnston, who was reportedly raised by bears, and current nationwide record holder for the most popular press release ever crafted has released a second video from his upcoming album Gremlin’s 3. This one goes right for the coronary as B.A. serenades us with the song of the everyman – the struggle, the mayo, the missing gravy, with ‘Drivethru Beef’.

B.A., embodying the epitome of man meets bear meets ’80s infomercial delves into the fatal crux of existence: what to fill our gullets with. Of course modern times call for modern meals. Fast, cheap, caloric sustenance is entirely de rigueur, but we all have our preferences, and if so much as a drop of your cilantro-based anything even looks at me I’m going to lose it. B.A. Johnston apparently has his own hurdles to sing about.

We’ve all been there: half- starved, mad with hunger, shouting our orders into a tiny box where minimum wage employees begrudgingly interpret them into a close menu-sanctioned approximation. But just like anyone else they have their off days. Orders can be misheard, ‘no mayo’ can suddenly become ‘all the mayo’, things can go missing. There’s a lot that can wrong between the moment you pull into a drive-thru and the moment the food reaches your mouth.

Of course, Johnston is going to lament the pitfalls of this process in his own style: with aggressive beats, and some old VHS. It can be likened to a high quality street corner rant (though admittedly much of it is delivered from B.A.’s car as well). If it were produced by that guy that’s always standing outside the liquor store you’d be impressed as all hell for upping his game. In the case of B.A. it’s just another food-based diatribe that leaves us looking forward to what will undoubtedly be a very amusing Gremlin’s 3.