Flourish Festival (Adam Travis)

Fredericton’s Flourish Festival Announces Line-Up

Fredericton’s Springtime Music and Art Festival is kicking off the season this year with a very full line-up. Flourish Festival has pulled out the stops to bring you the bands you know and love, along with a lot of fresh faces that you will also come to know, and to love. Today we have the official announcement of who that’s going to be.

“We are super overflowing with artists, it’s great – gonna be a packed and fun weekend,” says organizer Jane Blanchard. “We like being the start of the summer festival season. It’s a great time for people to get together again, see old faces, start braving the outside.”

The event will take place, as usual, around New Brunswick’s capital city, with shows being featured at The Capital Complex, Yoga Grow, and the entire Fredericton Arts Building (Backstreet Records, etc). Flourish Festival are also hinting at  a few more surprise locations for shows and art installations.

Not only have they beefed up their line-up, but the festival has made a few tweaks to insure a level of inclusivity. In particular, they’re looking to balance out a certain effect that many East Coast have come under fire for in recent years.

“We are really happy to have over 50% female involvement at the festival this year! We’re aiming for more next year, but it’s a start,” says Blanchard. “We try and have a lot of east coast involvement, and then our big goals this year were female involvement and trying to get a few francophone acts.”

“Every year is special and different. Our first year was just exciting and crazy. Our second year was the year Whoop-Szo had their residency, and that was such an amazing experience. To have them here, working with the community, it really showed us what the value of community is. This year will be a presentation of what we have learnt (or haven’t) through our past few years. We are looking to involved a lot more people on all levels, which I think is going to be really beneficial.”

Flourish Festival takes place April 20th-23rd, but physical passes will be available for purchase by the end of February.

– Heat [mtl]

– Year of Glad [mtl]

– Jon McKiel [sackville]

– Jenny Berkel [Toronto]

– Russell Louder [charlottetown]

– Sorrey [charlottetown]

– Look Vibrant [mtl]

– Faw Haja [hali]

– Mono No Aware [mtl]

– Cellarghost [fred]

– Wei Zhongle [chicago]

– Corridor [mtl]

– Torrero [Toronto]

– Kill Chicago [fred]

– Graeme Kennedy [fred]

– Ocean Charter of Values [hali]

– Corey Isenor [hali]

– Brookside Mall [fred]

– Klarka Weinwurm [sackville]

– Property // [fred]

– Future States [mtl]

– Beard Springsteen [fred]

– Eamon McGrath [toronto]

– Little You Little Me [sj]

– The Waking Night [fred]

– Sentimentals [fred]

– Mauno [hali]

– Beauts [hali]

– The Hypochondriacs [fred]

– Carla Sagan [mtl]

– Jaguar Knight [fred]

– Owen Meaney’s Batting Stance [hali]

– Fish Food [sackville]

– Hum & Hollow [fred]

– Caribou Run [sackville]

– Kurt Inder [hali]

– Cedric Noel [fred via mtl]

– Jane Blanchard [fred]

– Nennen [mtl]

– Gianna Lauren [ottawa]

– LAPS [fred]

– No Problem [hali]

– Pony Girl [ottawa]

– Tampa [moncton]

– David in the Dark [fred]

– Nightbummerz [hali]

– Usse [sj]

– Lisa / Liza [portland]

– Ada Lea [mtl]

– Pierre Von Biscuit [fred]

– Merival [Toronto]

– Deep Fryer [fred]

– Young Satan in Love [fred]

– Motherhood [fred]

– Pierre Luc Simon (of Technical Kidman) [mtl]

– Graeme Kennedy [fred]
– Ada Lea [mtl]
– Corey Isenor [hali]
– Stefan Westner [fred]
– Sophia Bartholomew [fred]
– Robin Goodine [fred]
– Erin Goodine [fred]
– Laura Watson [sackville]
– Phoebe Marmura-Brown [fred]
– Patrick Allaby [sackville]
– Celine Gorham [fred]
– Emily Kennedy [fred]
– Emily Blair [fred]
– Kasie Wilcox [sj]
– Dawn Steeves [fred]
– Local 107.3 Woman’s Collective [sj]
– Third Space Studio [sj]
– Travis Welowsky [london, on]
– Ryan O’Toole [new york]
– Michael Mohan [sj]

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