East Coast Christmas Songs To Put You In The Holiday Spirit

Having trouble finding your sense of Christmas cheer regardless of how many glasses of eggnog you’ve downed? Here are fourteen East Coast Christmas songs to put you in the spirit of the season.

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Penny Blacks -The Christmas Blues

Here’s a classic that Dean Martin made popular (and more recently Bill Murray), now getting some attention from the Penny Blacks.

Tommy Green Jr. – You Don’t Need Mistletoe (If You Can Sing Christmas Song)

Christmas is a hard time to be alone. Tommy Green Jr. shows us that all it takes is brushing up on your singing skills, and maybe a tinder account.

Villages – Writing A Letter (This Christmas)

Here’s one that could be called a modern traditional Christmas song, but there’s no escaping that hard Cape Breton lilt. Jingle bells and a tin penny whistle might just be the recipe for a classic.

Neon Dreams – Christmas Without Snow

The 2016 NSMW Electronic Artist of the Year kicks off the list with a story about what the true meaning of Christmas is: snow. We can’t imagine a Christmas without it. It’s the miracle that rounds out the holiday classics where the story wraps up, the kid’s faith in Santa is restored, and immediately it begins to snow.

The Once – The Light In Your Window

Here’s a band that’s taken the trouble to put together a complete Christmas album. From ‘This Is A Christmas Album’ comes ‘The Light In Your Window’ by Newfoundland folk trio The Once, it’s a song with a story common to  a lot of Maritimers, hoping to see friends and family home for the holidays.

Joel Plaskett – Jesus Christ, It’s Christmas, Again!

Joel Plaskett serenades your boyfriend Stombo with this Christmas lament about some of the realities of the season, like Santa just being some guy named Frank down at the Mic Mac Mall.

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