Fredericton Things (Bradley Parker/The East)

Fredericton Gets An Unlikely New Music Venue

Fredericton will be getting a new music venue in an unlikely location this month. A local business owner is taking it upon themselves to provide a warm spot for buskers to perform as the weather turns colder.

Jackie Veinott is well known to many of downtown Fredericton’s business owners and patrons. As owner of Things Just Add Smoke she has a reputation as someone who gives back to the community through her business whenever possible.  Most recently she’s turned her attention to the music and arts community and has taken in commission pieces by local artists such as Jessica Kelly, Emmaline Mortimer, and Pierre Luc Arsenault . Now Veinott is opening her doors to small musical acts as well.  Each Thursday, starting in November, the store will become a small, if somewhat unconventional performance space .

Veinott explains that her intention is to provide a venue for some more busking style gigs for artists who rely heavily on the warm weather and foot traffic of summer months. It’s also an opportunity to offer a musical treat to downtown shoppers during the afternoon and early evenings.

Things is a smaller shop with a lot of inventory, and where  standing room is limited. Veinott says that they’re overcoming that obstacle in a way she hopes will provide an experience similar to summertime busking: by employing a small PA to broadcast the music just outside the store,  allowing passersby to stop for a few minutes and enjoy the musicians performance through the window. Veinott aims to bring in mellower, low key acts, focusing on groups from around Fredericton, and New Brunswick, but hasn’t ruled out bringing in groups from further afield.

Performances start November 17th, and will run from 3:00p – 6:00p. The honour of the inaugural act goes to Greg Perry performing as a  solo acoustic artist. November 24th will see Kayler Farrell, then  an acoustic version of Dead City Angels on December 1st, Brandon Kingston on December 8th, and Madelynn Budd on December 15th.

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