Listen: Hear Moncton Wildcats’ New Goal Song From Lionsault

It was recently announced that the Moncton Wildcats would be getting a new goal song courtesy of Miramichi rockers Lionsault. It debuted to a pre-game audience of 6000 people, but if you weren’t actually in the crowd here’s your first chance to give it listen.

Titled ‘In The Wild’, it’s frankly a brutal and unsportsmanly intimidation song that details not only what the Moncton Wildcats think of their opponents, but moreover what they plan to do with them. It seems the team have no qualms about taking their rivalry well outside the confines of the rink. The song is rife with threats suggesting that their opponents keep their doors locked, lest the Wildcats come a’knocking.

The song was created as a part of a contest issued as a joint venture between the team and Music/Musique NB, open to members of the organization. The song in its full version is over four and a half minutes long, but gets trimmed down to a just forty second so as you don’t get tired of hearing it every time the Wildcats score a goal.

“To be honest, none of us watch NHL on the regular, but we have a lot of admiration and respect for the sport, and who doesn’t love going to hockey games? Also, I play a lot of NHL16,” says Lionsault guitarist Taylor Sheasgreen. “That being said we’re really excited to go to the Wildcats games this season.”

The band says they were inspired by a few other goal songs in particular, namelyRighteous Smoke’ and ‘The Enforcer’both being goal songs by Hamilton based hard-rock band Monster Truck. “They had the same feeling we wanted so we listened to those songs a lot. Basically we knew that it needed that crowd interaction aspect so we made sure we wrote something upbeat, easy to sing along to, with a lot of ‘Heys’ and ‘Whoas’.”

“We wrote it specifically for the Wildcats so it is a classic pump-up song — the lyrics are really self-motivating and the song has a ‘we’re gonna kick your ass’ theme to it. It’s gonna be really cool to hear something we made being played after every home goal. We’re just really proud of ourselves and honoured that they chose something that we created.”

Lord Stanley was unavailable for comment.

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