East Coast Cider Festival

First Annual Cider Festival Coming To Nova Scotia

As the country heads into its dreaded winter season, the toils of scraping ice and shovelling snow loom ever closer. Fear not, unwitting Bluenosers, for there on the distant Spring horizon, is a bright beacon of hope to get you through the months of cold. Cider fans can rejoice as May 27th, 2017 will mark Nova Scotia’s first ever Cider Festival.

The first annual East Coast Cider Festival, being held in Halifax at the Multipurpose Room. Though many details of the event have yet to be confirmed, Local Connections, the Halifax magazine/events company behind the festival, have announced an intriguing lineup for the event so far.

The eight cideries participating so far are Bulwark Ciders, Stutz Cider, Annapolis Cider Company, Planters Ridge, ShipBuilders Cider, No Boats On Sunday Cider, Meander River Farm, and Sid’s Cider.

With all of that cider to taste, the festival should give you taste buds a workout. Meadowbrook will be providing a pig roast for the occasion, including all of the fixings to go with it, as well as specially made tube steaks created just for the event by T Dogs.

When contacted for a comment on the upcoming event, Alexander Henden, editor in chief and owner of Local Connections, stated that “People like cider and we like hosting events, so we thought why not do a cider event?”

Think this sounds amazing? Well you would be correct, but there are even more details to be released as the event draws near. Early bird tickets for the event are due to be available in early October.

Be sure to keep an eye on their website for when more details are released and grab your friends, your appetites and your road trip essentials. Now is the time to prepare for what is sure to be the apple of your eye after the months of winter’s chill.

For more information on the East Coast Cider Festival follow them here.