Like A Motorcycle

Video: Like A Motorcycle’s “Nobody Knows”

Halifax punk rockers Like a Motorcycle have released a music video for their song “Nobody Knows”, off of their recent album ‘High Hopes’. The video features the four brutally trying to beat each other to the finish line to get their hands on free beer, because who doesn’t like free things? Beer just tastes so much better when someone else had to pay for it.

Though the video has little to do with the lyrical content of the song, it is endlessly entertaining watching the four girls fight their way through angry neighbours, city streets, and finicky shoes to be the first to get to Uncle Rob’s two bottles of beer.

Pointedly ignoring the motorcycle, the girl’s opt for a variety of transportation: from a bicycle, to an old van, and even good old fashioned running (at least until stealing a skateboard from a very confused man) to try and beat the others. Arriving at the same time, a fight breaks out to determine the victor of the precious treasure. Fists are swung, plates are flung, and it ends in a bloody mess.

Obviously exhausted from the partying previous to the race and the downright beat down of each other, the fight concludes in a collapsed heap on the kitchen floor, with the girls nobly splitting the prize.

The album was released on September 2nd, with the video released shortly thereafter on September 20th. The album as a whole is a great example of the band’s talent and personality. They give each song their all and it truly shines through in the finished product.

Be sure to get a copy of their album and follow them online so you don’t miss any of their new releases or shows. Also be sure to watch their new video and grab yourself an age appropriate beverage.  It should take you much less effort than it did them.