Partner Ambassador To Ecstasy

Video: Partner’s ‘Ambassador To Ecstasy’

Partner has put out a new video to tease their upcoming debut album, and much like every other one of their recordings and performances, it’s sure to build the hype.

The video, featuring band and audience favourite, ‘Ambassador to Ecstasy’, oozes indie charm to the extreme. It was recorded in a Toronto garage while on tour. The band’s wardrobe choice ranges from Gryffindor chic to Tim Horton’s smile cookie t-shirts. Microphones are affixed to other microphones with electrical tape, and the drummer is crammed so deep into a corner that he takes up less floorspace than most mini-fridges. It’s everything to love about the Millennial music aesthetic packed into a four minute video.

Ambassador to Ecstasy hooks immediately, from the rhythmic build-up of the intro, through the trilling guitar solos, all the way to the ending’s abrupt silence and uncomfortable eye contact. Telling the story of a sheepish, fumbling romance with the energy and passion of someone too young to know better, Partner takes us through the steps of immediate attraction, impulsive moves, and inevitable heartbreak. With a catchy chorus, an authentic, confessional feel to the lyrics, and a great overall sound, Ambassador to Ecstasy is sure to awkwardly saunter its way into audiences’ hearts and playlists with ease.

An up-and-coming self-described experimental Canadiana outfit based out of Sackville, NB spearheaded by Killer Haze veterans Lucy Niles and Josée Caron, Partner is a group whose music provides an energetic, emotional, and unapologetic journey across themes such as drugs, LGBT identity, and unfulfilling minimum wage jobs.

While they’re still working on their debut album with You’ve Changed Records, making a full effort to produce the best music they can, Partner has been steadily building a solid buzz through extensive touring and videos for their singles. Their biggest splash thus far has been from their Lesbian/Maritimer pride song, The “Ellen” Page, but Partner is an up-and comer, filled with vigor and some solid musical talent, so it’s best to hop on this bus as soon as possible, because it’s sure to be one hell of a ride.