Stephen Hero

Video: Stephen Hero’s ‘Old Friends’

It’s been two years since Stephen Hero made the move from Fredericton to Halifax. The transition has meant a bit of a hiatus while he’s worked on other projects. Lately he’s been piecing out a trickle of material, including a new video about what’s changed.

The literary figure turned rapper says that it’s been a long process of getting fresh material out, much of which was part of an EP that was in the works back in 2014. Hero explains that getting the material out has been a matter of timing, just as much as inspiration. but says that now’s the time, “That EP never came out, which sucks, but it’s awesome,” says Hero. “I haven’t released anything but the video. I’m working on two releases: a mixtape and an album, with two different producers and several other vocalists. It’s going to be a long process I imagine. We’ll see how everything comes together.”

“I was doing hip hop for six years by the time I learned three chords on guitar. Rap is the whole reason I got into music in the first place, and is like the only modern music I listen to.”

The video itself channels an early 90s vibe – just missing an infrared filter, some sweet transitions, and a gold chain, but the story is a less than nostalgic message of change: “It’s about being in your late twenties and adjusting your friend group. I think it happens to most people, based on conversations I had a lot the last year. Priorities change, personalities change, habits change. People change, I guess. People you assumed you would be around forever just aren’t around. Not cause they’re bad people necessarily, but their shit is different than yours. The video is just a quick thing we threw together: a simple video to start the process of the new stuff, lots more coming up. But that’s what I grew up on – mid to late 90’s hip hop was all I listened to for most of my formative years. It does have a touch of the 90’s for sure. Fanny packs are about to make a comeback, I think. Gold chain will come with time.”

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